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Every patient deserves optimal care when considering joint replacement.

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Although rare, complications can happen. MyGuarantee provides patients with funds to be used for out-of-pocket costs that they may incur should complications from surgery arise.

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Surgeons who participate in the MyGuarantee program have been certified and have demonstrated clinical proficiency with the devices that will be used in surgery.

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Patients will automatically be enrolled if the surgery is performed at an approved facility by a certified surgeon, allowing them to focus on what matters most – their recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the program cost?

This program is provided to patients at no charge.

What is covered by MyGuarantee?

The MyGuarantee program reimburses eligible out of pocket expenses (subject to policy terms and limits), up to the implant purchase price, with a maximum distribution of $5,000.¹ These expenses generally include those complications that would require a surgical intervention or are otherwise related to a complication from the original surgery. A comprehensive list of all complications covered can be found in the Patient Acknowledgment document.

How long does the guarantee last?

The guarantee covers the patient for 5 years after the date of the initial surgery.

How do patients enroll?

Patients are automatically enrolled in the program if the qualifying procedure is performed at an approved facility by a surgeon who certified by the MyGuarantee program.

How do patients file a claim?

Patients have two options:

  1. Contact the practice to assist with the initial claim submission.
  2. Email

How are claims compensated?

Covered claims will be paid directly to the patient.

How long does coverage last?

Five years from the date of initial surgery.

Do I have to visit my original surgeon to make a claim?

No. While the initial surgery must be performed by a surgeon who has been certified by the MyGuarantee program, patients may visit any care provider for their follow-up care.

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My Guarantee

Give yourself peace of mind.

MyGuarantee is a complimentary 5-year guarantee that reimburses qualified joint replacement patients up to $5,000¹ for out-of-pocket costs due to unexpected clinical complications.

  • Offered to patients free of charge
  • Lasts 5 years from date of initial surgery
  • Patients are automatically enrolled at time of procedure

¹Subject to policy terms and limits. Policy limits vary and are limited to the actual cost billed to the patient’s insurer for the original hip or knee implant, up to a maximum of $5,000.

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