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Prolotherapy - Pain Management



Prolotherapy is an alternative treatment for weakened or injured ligaments and tendons.  Ligaments are strong tissues that connect bones to bones.  They do not have an excellent blood supply, but they have many nerves that can cause pain, if injured.  Tendons are strong tissues that hold muscles to bone.  Tendons and ligaments that are weak or injured sometimes do not heal back to their full strength.

Prolotherapy involves injecting a joint capsule, tendon, or ligament with an irritant solution.  The solution causes a localized inflammation, which results in an increase in blood supply to the area.  The increased blood supply stimulates cell growth and tissue repair.  Prolotherapy treatment may promote tendon and ligament healing, pain relief, and function.


Your doctor can administer Prolotherapy treatments in his or her office.  Your doctor will inject your affected areas.  People typically require several treatments.  Prolotherapy is considered an experimental treatment in the United States. 



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